25 Jan

A blog for Gaelic Wolf

There’s a website. There’s email. There are some mailing lists. All of those are working well, but there’s not really a good place for making articles available . . . or at least there wasn’t until now. Gaelic Wolf is joining the blogging world today, and we’d like you to be a part of it!

The initial design is coming together, and will be modified over the coming days, weeks, months, years . . .

We’re going to focus primarily on topics of interest for our client base and everyone who has a stake in how local, state, and federal agencies develop and implement policies designed to manage natural resources, protect the environment and species, and apply balancing to the needs of the natural and human environments. Scientific and economic integrity, along with agency compliance with statutory and administrative law will be explored, and we will follow a variety of issues that are important to you.

There’s more to this than filtering the information that rolls in over our transom every day to tease out those items we think you might be interested in. Because you have a good handle on what matters to you, we’d like to ask you to share your natural resource issues with us. Let us know what your key issues are, provide us with articles and other information about those issues, and we’ll share them with everyone else who is following our blog. We’d really like to offer a wide variety of perspectives on natural resource policy, so we’re not going to limit our offerings to only a limited set of viewpoints, so share away!

Don’t be shy! Follow us and subscribe to receive updates as they happen. Let’s build a strong online community, so that we can strengthen our local communities!